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Confidentiality Agreement

By submitting the below 'e-signature', applicant understands that all information* provided by NOBULL is completely confidential and cannot be shared, distributed, used in marketing, or otherwise made available at anytime now, or in the future, without written consent from NOBULL. Sharing confidential information will lead to the immediate termination of dealer candidacy and will lead to further legal action. 

*Confidential information includes:

  • Order forms
  • Product catalogs
  • Pricing 
  • Future product styles, designs & colors
  • Brand marketing guidelines
  • Trademark records or other legal information
  • Any/all other NOBULL unique content or brand information


NOBULL requires that all marketing assets, product displays, and other collateral used by each retailer abides by our branding guidelines. By initialing below, applicant understands that NOBULL has the right to review all marketing assets, product displays and collateral prior to public use in-store, on social media, web, or otherwise.